Curriculum Vitae

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Kyrylo Silin

Job objective

Not searching for a job at the moment. Thanks for taking the interest!


January 2015
Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Master of Science, Computer Science
Major in Information Control Systems and Technology

Summer–Autumn 2014
Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Major in Information Control Systems and Technology


Software Engineer
July–… 2015
Still working there…
Software Engineer (intern)
San Francisco, United States
July–September 2014
Helped maintaining and improving Bugsnag notifier libraries, provided customer support for its users. Implemented example applications for various programming languages that show how to integrate them. Greatly improved support for JavaScript error parsing. Built a simple framework for integration testing of the notifier libraries.
Software Engineer
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Summer–Autumn 2013
Improved responsiveness of OnAir Player (front-end part, written in JavaScript). Was outstaffed to Iskra Dev and worked for them remotely where developed a demo application for iPad (front-end, JS) and scaffolded back-end infrastructure for it (using Salesforce and Apex).
Software Engineer
Spring 2010 — Autumn 2013
Worked for various clients: DJ TechTools, Primate Inc., Riviera, Aerobel and Smart Gadget, Kredmash Dealer, Chic et Nature. Duties included developing Rails applications, web design, administration of servers and other.


Personal projects
Personal website, written in Ruby on Rails
Pry Theme
A plugin for the Pry REPL for the Ruby programming language, which allows to customise Pry colors via prytheme.rb files.
An Erlang library for deserialising Ruby objects dumped by Marshal.dump into Erlang terms.
An extremely fast Ruby C extension for querying methods, procs and lambdas for their source code and comments.
A library for the Ruby programming language that provides navigation and introspection capabilities for Ruby programs.
A desktop app for browsing Ruby code. Just click to get details about a module or class and explore its namespace or see the source of a method.

Open source contributions

Pry commits
I am a core team member of the Pry REPL project for the Ruby programming language and some of its auxiliary projects like Pry Doc, Interception and others. I’ve also contributed to the website, the wiki, the IRC channel and in any other possible way. I’ve been spreading Pry stickers at Ruby conferences and meetups.

Computer skills

Proficient programming skills in Ruby and JavaScript. Good knowledge of GNU/Linux and Shell. Experience with Erlang, C, Smalltalk, Python, Go, Perl, PHP, Java, Apex, Haskell, SQL and ELisp. Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone, Marionette and Angular, including Node.js.


Computer games, bicycles, football.