I haven’t travelled for a while. However this year is lucky for me so far: I travelled to Lisbon.

Airbrake, my employer, has organised a team meeting in Portugal. It turned out that the country is quite nice and relatively cheap. The people there are really friendly. Almost everybody there can speak some English. Given that we are a partially remote company, with staff throughout the world, Lisbon as a meeting location was a pretty good compromise for everybody on the team.

I would like to thank my colleague Thomas in advance for allowing me to use his photo album to make this post. All the cool photos were made on Thom’s camera. All the grotty photos were taken with my camera.

This shot is cool (thanks Thom).

This shot sucks (boo Kyrylo).

Now you know how to tell the difference between the photo quality, so let me continue. We couldn’t just book a hotel because we needed a place to work, too. Therefore we had to find something special instead. Something special turned out to be The Surf Office.

The Surf Office is neither an office, nor a hotel: it’s a mixture of both. It provides a place for remote teams where they can work and live in the same building. I had never heard of this concept before, but I believe it provides an unique experience. Our team occupied 3 out of 4 floors (I suspect the 4th floor was not used by anybody).

I was on the 3rd floor.

Overall, I suspect this way of working together will be much more popular in the future.

The building we lived in has an amazing kitchen, but we never had chance to use it.

Basically, the “office” has every modern convenience, but an iron, which I missed. It also has a printer and external monitors, additional trackpad, a keyboard and some other tools. Nevertheless, even though it has quite a few conveniences, it’s really hard to focus on work. It’s not Surf Office’s fault, though. When you are in a foreign city, you usually want to explore it. We have tried to do our best with regard to work, but we couldn’t ignore the Lisbon’s vibe.

The vibe has commanded us to go surfing instead.

The vibe has told us to go cycling, too.

Beware, though. The vibe always guides you to a restaurant.

The city has a pretty distinct look.

Most of the time it’s quite hilly.

The streets are very narrow.

The houses are very old.

Old doesn’t always mean bad. Lisbon is full of beautiful buildings.