Legazpi is a city in the southern part of Luzon island. Its population is nearly 200,000 people, so it’s considered low for the Philippines. The reason why people go here (including me) is Mayón Volcano.

Despite the volcano, we all know that all the roads in the Philippines lead to Jollibee, a famous fast food chain that competes with McDonald’s, KFC, and others. As a diligent Filipino city, Legazpi follows this tradition.

The first day was wonderful. The sky was clear, the weather was great, the birds were chirping, the kids were playing, the street vendors were honking and selling, and the folks were happy. What’s most important, you could see the volcano from all the angles.

However, on the next day, when it was the time to go close to Mayon, it all went to shits. Yes, it became cloudy and started raining. How could that happen? No matter how close you are, you wouldn’t see anything. Mayon became too shy.

The only little thing I could see was the coconut bug I found on a tree. It didn’t care if it was raining, storming or snowing as long as there are coconut trees to munch on.

Yeah, no matter which way you take, the clouds would mystify (sic!) the road. Maybe Jollibee has the point? Maybe it is the solution when there’s nothing else to do?

Or maybe it was the right time to find cover under a hut and enjoy the rest of the day doing nothing? I mean, there are friends and coconuts there, so it would be a pleasant evening.

But if you don’t give up easily like me, you will move on. You’ll want to admire the view but you won’t see much. So is it really the time to be upset?

Of course not! Despite the bad weather I can still have fun.

Despite the litter everywhere I can still have fun.

Despite poverty I will still have fun.

I will still be enjoying old churches…

…or modern haciendas.

Breathtaking nature is what motivates me.

Even if it rains, I can go wherever the river flows.

Even if I didn’t get to see Mayon close enough, I can still imagine it through the fog.

And you know why? Because it is more fun in the Philippines.

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