Coffee World Rush. A leaderboard for coffee drinkers all around the world
Hey there, coffee lovers! Are you someone who can’t start their day without a cup of joe? Well, you’re not alone! I also love coffee. Coffee brings people together from all corners of the globe, and now there’s a fun new way to celebrate our shared love for this drink.

Introducing Coffee World Rush – your go-to website for tracking your daily coffee intake and joining a worldwide coffee community.

Track your daily fix

Coffee tracking form

Ever wondered just how much coffee you drink in a day? With Coffee World Rush, you can easily keep tabs on your caffeine consumption. Just log in, choose the coffee you had, and let us know the volume of your cup. It’s as simple as that.

Climb the global leaderboard

Worldwide coffee leaderboard

Your coffee intake doesn’t just stay with you – it goes towards your country’s score on the global leaderboard. Whether you’re from the USA, Brazil, or Japan, every sip counts towards showing the world which country is leading the Coffee World Rush.

Share your coffee moments

Got a favorite mug or a special coffee spot? Snap a pic of your brew and share it with us on X or Facebook. We’ll feature your post on our website, spreading the coffee love far and wide.

Daily coffee fun

Coffee facts on X/Twitter

Coffee facts on Facebook

Looking for your daily dose of coffee facts and stats? Look no further! On X and Facebook, we dish out fascinating coffee trivia and highlight which country is reigning supreme in the Coffee World Rush each day. Plus, we’ll keep you updated on the total coffee consumption for that day – it’s like being part of a worldwide coffee party.

Join the Coffee World Rush and become part of a global community of coffee enthusiasts. Whether you’re a casual sipper or a dedicated coffee connoisseur, there’s a place for you in our caffeine-fueled world. Cheers to good coffee and great company!

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