Matcharoo. Match Madness. A word-matching game
I’ve spent more than 20 years studying English. I’ve experimented with a lot to expand my vocabulary. I’ve played games, used flashcard apps, watched movies, and read books. I’ve even made an effort to commit dictionary words to memory. However, it was tedious and took too much time. I therefore made the decision to develop a tool to assist me in learning similar English words.

Matcharoo ( is a word association game where you match similar words, learn new words easily, and have a blast with friends as you discover who knows the most.

Before, I tried to use synonymous word lists that you could frequently find on Facebook in language learning groups (English Learning Group, for example).

I found this way of learning ineffective. My most preferred way of learning new words was Anki. This worked, but it wasn’t fun at all. I had to force myself to open this.

My wife used to play the Match Madness challenge and study Ukrainian on DuoLingo. She had a lot of trouble with it, and I made an effort to support her. We pitted each other against one another to see who could record the fastest time. She ultimately prevailed 😭

Thus, an idea came to be! In order to expand my vocabulary in English, I made a game where you have to match synonyms or related words together.

Matcharoo game example

The idea is similar to Match Madness. You need to match similar words as fast as you can. In the end of the game you can see your statistics. There’s a leaderboard where you can compare your skills to other players.

Matcharoo leaderboard

Give it a go at!

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