Baguio is a big city in Luzon, Philippines, which is famous for its cold weather, mountains, strawberries and… lions. Why lions? I have no idea, but they have a huge lion head somewhere (and I didn’t stumble upon it)!

One of my goals for this trip was to visit the famous strawbery fields. You get to pick strawberries by yourself, so you buy only the freshest and most delicious ones.

However, I came there only to discover that strawberries were not in season…

It’s recommended to visit the farm from February to May. So, I had to eat the dust instead.

On the way to the farm you pass “The Valley of Colors”.

It doesn’t look like anything special, though. Just a bunch of happy houses. That said, one of the inhabitants took the name too seriously.

An immediate observation about Baguio City: their jeepneys look way better than in Manila. They are more snazzy and better maintained. This one looks nothing special, however it’s more clean and longer.

Have I already mentioned it even has a baby TV-set?

Without planning it, I discovered that I went there excactly on Baguio City Day. During the holiday their central street turned into a street for pedestrians.

Not only jeepneys are cleaner here but Baguio in general is much cleaner than Manila. This is because they keep their sorroundings clean.

They also have Clean Comfort Rooms™ all over the city (it’s just a paid toilet).

It’s quite amusing that you get a ticket to be able to pee. Oh, and there are also discounts for students and senior citizens. Hot stuff!

This is the most thankful toilet I’ve been at.

And also the most demanding one!

Why can’t I pee there?

Seriously, this toilet is very talkative.

In the night, if you climb up high enough, you can see some mysterious building that is wery well lit and changes its colours. It turned out it was just Baguio City Hall.

The handicapped crossing sign looks like a sign for wheel-chair racing.

Wild life.

Some insect.

So here’s the story. I decided to enter some random cave…

…and I found a freaking huge spider inside who was guarding its eggs! It looked really dangerous, so I said bye-bye.

You can stumble upon some amazing plants. I don’t even know the name but it looks like the fire from a candle.

This is the fanciest speed bump I’ve seen. Not only it’s metallic…

…but it also reflects the light.

Strictly for very elderly. Just elderly won’t cut it.

In the middle of market there are people with rifles. Looks like army.

Since the city is in the mountains, it has a lot of fantatsic views. Like Mines view.

It can get really foggy.

The mountains almost touch the skies…

Very peaceful… (and mysterious)

Just grab your friends or a book and hang out at the pond…

You don’t like ponds? No problem, Baguio has options.

Let’s get back to the city. There’s a park that speaks to you like a bro. “Scoop your poop, you fool!”.

“If you smoke, you’re a butt head!”.

I wonder what’s the story behind this sign. The owner must be holding a grudge against someone.

It’s quite funny that playing cellphone games is a problem. So can I text all day long instead?

This looks like a place for rituals.

Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows? I can! Onto the next adventure.

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