Cavite is a big province in Luzon, Philippines. During this trip I was lucky enough to visit Bacoor, Maragondon & Kawit.

Somehow, Maragondon gave me Ukrainian vibes (check the flags).

The main point of interest in Marogondon is Bonifacio Shrine. The road to it sinuous and thorny.

If you find yourself vulnerable, lost and stuck…

…just ask some local cows for directions.

The shrine itself was actually abandoned.

The official way to enter its territory was through a window in the booth by the gate. Because of this, wild life was prospering. I’m not lying, there were absolutely no people there and the entrace was blocked.

Another point of interest in Cavite is Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine (it’s an antique house), which is in the city of Kawit. This time the road was easy because there were many beefed up jeepneys cruising the city.

I kid you not, it’s the best house I’ve been to. Kuya Vener Vales, the guide, was kind enough to show some secret passages inside the house and share fascinating stories of the history of the place. He’s been the guide there for decades and he actually has witnessed Emilio Aguinaldo himself.

Unfortunately, lady History preferred not to reveal the pictures of the shrine. Here’s a picture of a Kawit church during a mass, instead.

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