🛠 Projects

System Browser released on July 21, 2015
A desktop app for browsing Ruby code. Just click to get details about a module or class and explore its namespace or see the source of a method.
Fast Method Source released on June 18, 2015
A Ruby C extension for querying methods, procs and lambdas for their source code and comments. Extremely fast.
System Navigation released on June 11, 2015
A library for the Ruby programming language that provides navigation and introspection capabilities for Ruby programs.
RMarshal released on December 18, 2014
An Erlang library for deserialising Ruby objects dumped by Marshal.dump into Erlang terms.
Pry Theme released on June 26, 2012
A plugin for the Pry REPL for the Ruby programming language, which allows to customise Pry colors via prytheme.rb files.
Entooru released on April 16, 2012
A collection of my translations of various Ruby articles into the Russian language.
Patience released on March 8, 2012
Solitaire card game implemented in Ruby using the Gosu framework.

✍🏻 Articles

✈️ Trips

Manila, January–March 2018
Tagaytay, February 2018
Bangkok, December–January 2018
Manila, June–August 2017
Kiev, February 2017
Kiev, November 2016
Lisbon, September 2016
San Francisco, July–September 2014
Vysoky, April 2013
Donetsk, August 2012
Odesa, August 2011